Who We Are

 In 2014, SOFAS began as a small locally-based endeavor. It's mission was to provide the experience of surfing to young Coastal residents. Knowledge about the ocean, surf instruction, and stewardship values were taught.

Since that time, SOFAS  has evolved into a resource for that population from other urban and rural communities.  Last year, SOFAS tripled the amount of young people served. 

We have grown into a community that cares to provide children and adolescents the ability to surf as a medium for enjoyment and personal growth. 



August 2, 2019




What To Expect

A participant's day with SOFAS is spent receiving surf instruction appropriate to the individual's ability level.  Students are taught ocean safety and are led on a path of knowledge, respect, and general stewardship of the invaluable marine environment.  At the end of the day, participants will share a meal while celebrating and reflecting on the day’s events. 

All instruction and gear will be provided free of charge by SOFAS. 


As parents with no prior experience with surfing, the SOFAS program gave us the unique opportunity to learn along with our children. The instructors are wonderful, giving us all the tools we need to feel comfortable enough to try it on our own. We continue to come back every year because there is always something new to learn.  

-Evelyn Bian, Portland, OR