Mike and Stephen

Co-Founders / Father and Son

Mike learned to surf when he was 57, challenged by his son Stephen to lead a much healthier lifestyle after Mike had a heart attack. Nourished by Stephen's unending wit, wisdom and patience they now share many surfing moments and memories. 

They cherish their valued friendship with each other and aim to help others to have the opportunity that a son gave his dad. . . and a dad embraced. #Sharethestoke. 



Dennis Smith

Co-founder / Owner of Seaside Surf Shop

Seaside Surf Shop emerged back in 2003 with a mission: keep the radness in surfing. Having fun is the whole point. No one wins, because there are no points. We love surfing, our lifestyle, and our culture and tradition.

Home for us is the Oregon coast, just northwest of Portland. If you're in the area stop by the shop, have a coffee, watch a video, tell us good stories and where your secret spots are. . . 
Happy Surfing!



Lauren Ahlgren

Co-Founder / owner of oregon surf adventures

Lauren, a northwest native, has always been passionate about the Oregon Coast and the water. She began surfing in high school and has worked to create a lifestyle around her love for surfing ever since. Participating on swim teams throughout childhood and adolescents, working as a lifeguard and teaching children to swim has instilled Lauren with the expertise and skills needed to provide a safe environment for learning and inspiring.


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