Seaside Oregon Family Adventures Surfing (SOFAS) brings local families together using our almighty Pacific Ocean. We’re a local foundation that takes children and their parents into the waves with professional surf instructors, for free, letting the ocean unite them in a positive, healthy, and fun way. The family learns side by side. We teach the adults and their kids, while showing mom and dad how to teach their little grommets themselves. Love for ocean, family, and surfing, that’s what we share. In the end, we hope both generations end up so stoked they'll surf together forever. 

SOFAS could not do what we do without the generous help and support of others. Our camps are conducted by Lauren and her staff from Oregon Surf Adventures. Wetsuits and surfboards for our camps are provided by Dennis and his staff at Seaside Surf Shop. SOFAS camp photography is provided by Maggie at Honeysuckle Photography.

You can help too by sponsoring a surfer or making a donation today.

2019 Camp Dates

August 2, 2018

Contact Dennis at Seaside Surf Shop to sign up for a camp.